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About Us

We’re a family firm with decades of experience that offer a professional tailored service to meet your needs and budget. Morgan Keen was founded in 1999 by Michael Baines. Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of firms that use a range from manual accounting to spreadsheets and accounting programs. This means that we are open to working with whatever system you have in place, and can help you set up the best system for you.

Our customers are located in many places around the world, which means we make sure we can communicate in whatever method suits you. As a modern firm we also offer a range of non-financial and HR services.

Michael BainesMichael Baines

Michael started Morgan Keen and has single-handedly created a busy firm that currently has offices in Amersham, Royston and Meldreth. He is the head accountant experienced in accounting, management and company strategy.


robert-baines-2Robert Baines

Robert is currently training to become an accountant with the ACCA, in addition he has a degree in Occupational Psychology. He is currently learning a great many skills at Morgan Keen and is in charge of the social media and online areas, along with payroll and bookkeeping.