Importers of goods to the UK from overseas no longer need a business tax account to get an Advance Valuation Ruling for their goods. The rulings, which last for up to three years, mean traders and agents can act with legal certainty on the value of the goods they are importing for customs calculations.

By getting the valuation of the goods you are importing in advance, you can also be sure you’re using the correct method to work out the customs value. So, when you bring them into the UK, your customs declaration is correct.

It also helps you to have a legally backed decision for your valuation method, because if it is scrutinised at a later date, you know there should be no problem.

Who can apply for the valuation?

Traders using their own EORI number, starting with the letters ‘GB’ or an agent acting on their behalf can use the new service. But if you want an agent to apply for you, you must add them to your business tax account, or give them a ‘Letter of Authority’ to act on your behalf.

You must make the application before your customs procedures have been completed, because no valuations will be made retrospectively. You need your Government Gateway ID, and you must have identified the method of valuation you think works best for your goods. You can find out more information about the options you have here.

HMRC can refuse an application if you:

  • Are not planning to import the goods.
  • Are unable to supply all the necessary information about your goods.
  • Have already cleared your goods through Customs Import Procedures.

Source: HMRC

You will also need supporting documents relevant to the goods you are importing, which could include commercial invoices from your overseas suppliers, copies of previous import entries, and any commercial agreement you have with suppliers. Any commercially sensitive information included as part of the application must be marked as such before you upload any of these documents.

Let us help you

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